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Learn Any Scale In 3 Minutes - Thrash Metal Guitar Lesson

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I cannot stress this enough : This method is NOT about mastering any instrument. That’s all about a DIFFERENT THEORY.
Offbeat, aggressively original at times. But it does work for any kind of instrument.

That’s an ALTERNATIVE point of view. Completely outside the box. This is NOT about playing with the modes either.

That's a whole different approach.

While it’s much, much easier and faster to learn than the classic theory, it’s NOT an easy way out.
Anybody using this method will have to WORK.
Work LESS hard because it's a different approach.
But work.
It is NOT a miracle system.

It's about unlearning everything to learn and build SOMETHING NEW.
I am NOT opposed to the classic theory AT ALL.
It’s great. Fantastic. It proved its worth.

Fact: what you’re taught in today’s schools is based on major and minor. It goes back centuries but it used to be pretty different. Again, it sounds absolutely great and I have no problem with that. But, look, for example, the 7 classic modes don’t take the so called exotic scales into account.

By the way, do you know that it used to be considered as “bad taste” or “ugly” to play with more than 1 mode within the same piece of music and therefore unauthorised by teachers before the 20th century?

That’s a fact.

That’s however something a lot of great musicians do these days.

Arnold Schoenberg devised the “twelve-tone-technique” in 1921, his OWN system that’s really different from the major or minor thing.

The fact is that most people don’t really understand the very basics of scales and where they come from. They heard this, and this, and that, and they truly believe, without thinking twice, there’s no other way to play music.

They never ask themselves these questions: “could I do this different?”, “Could I simplify this or that?”, “Could I design my VERY OWN system?” And the list goes on and on.

No, they simply accept what they’ve been told as being the ONLY way and are prompt and eager to condemn anything that doesn’t rely on the classic approach.

I’m not that kind of person. Try to put me in a box and I’ll do anything I can to jump out.

I just think different and built my OWN system and some people hate that.

But I’ll never let anybody tell me what I have to do. Nobody’s forced to cross my path.

Again, this method is NOT about learning the classic theory faster and easier. It’s all about a whole different approach.

In other words, it WON’T teach you how to play major or minor, it WON’T teach you how to play with the modes.

Yet it is NOT opposed to the publicly accepted system. It will teach you how to play with the SCALES from a DIFFERENT point of view.

What I’m doing is looking at the very basics, before the scales are actually treated by any system and devise something different.

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