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Ripping Jazz Guitar Improvisation Over A Minor Blues Progression

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Bart Landry improvising guitar over a minor blues progression. Check out my current project at https://www.instagram.com/mindseyemuse/ and http://mindseyemuse.com/.

Details about minor blues progressions:
Unlike a standard blues progression (which is all Dominant 7th chords), a jazz minor blues progression is a 12-bars blues progression with the I and IV chords as minor chords, and a minor II-V-I turnaround at the end. For this video (a D minor blues), the chord progression is as follows:

| D- | D- | D- | D7+9 |

| G- | G- | D- | D- |

| Eø | A7+9 | D- | A7+9 |

This lends itself to a lot of interesting possibilities for improvisation. The soloist may weave back and forth between any of the following:
* utilize the root blues or pentatonic minor scale at any point (D blues or D minor pentatonic)
* play Dorian (or exotic minor scales such as Hirojoshi) over the minor chords (gives a much more majestic sound than using natural minor)
* utilize Harmonic Minor over the turnaround (in this case, D harmonic minor)
* accentuate the altered dominant chords by utilizing altered scales such as Phrygian Dominant, Augmented, Diminished, etc.

This improvisation includes aspects of each approach, weaving back and forth to create a rich, harmonically interesting solo.

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